I would love to say that I'm a lifelong photographer.  The truth is that I spent too many years thinking about it and not doing it.  Although I bought my first camera at the age of 15 and enjoyed photography as much as I could afford I never really pushed myself more than the usual teenage photos of my friends.  


By the time I replaced it with a more advanced camera I had fallen into the trap of automation.  All too often the dial was turned to auto and slowly photographs became what I did when I went on holiday. Over the years I would take time to visit photographic exhibitions or look through books and portfolios but eventually, my camera sat gathering dust.   

Finally, in 2010, I set about trying to learn how to make photographs.  Within a year I thought it would be fun to buy a 35mm film camera, just to shoot some film again, for old times sake.  It only took 36 exposures and I was hooked.  Digital is great but film is beautiful. My reasons are no different from most other analogue photographers.  Film slows me down, it makes me understand the worth of any potential photo, it makes me think and just feels better.  So for me, it’s been a kind of long-slow story, but you know what they say ‘It’s never too late.’

Tom Sebastiano


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