I’m interested in photographing people and spaces.

Attracted to unexceptional suburban and urban spaces, the ordinary places that exist in every town and city. I focus on the ubiquitous and nondescript searching for some kind of unremarkable consequence.

In contrast, for me, portraiture is about capturing soul, beauty and dignity. Portraits can be fascinating, alluring and memorable but most of all unique; viewed as a moment in time and life.

Oh! and I like shooting straight on, fancy angles are difficult…

• Frame (Ireland) : Gallery Prints
• Film Shooters Collective (U.S.A) : Online Feature
• Black Millwall (United Kingdom) : Exhibition
• Photo/Foto (Germany) : Online Feature
• Untitled Collective (United Kingdom) : Online Magazine
• ISO 400 (Italy) : Online Gallery
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• Hair's How & Beauty (Russia) : Magazine Print Feature
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• ISO400 (Italy) : Online Gallery
• PhotoVogue Italia (Italy) : Online Gallery
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• Sony World Photography Award (United Kingdom) : Commended in People Award
• PhotoVogue Italia (Italy) : Online Gallery
• Silverline Lane (Netherlands) : Online Gallery


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