With its pure mix of art and technology, I've found the perfect expression of creativity in photography. Precision machines of glass and metal combined with light, chemistry and electronics allow me to create stories, capturing moments and time.  My photography is planned, but not down to the finest detail; it is often just a combination of previously seen locations with imagined scenarios, weather, people, time and light. It's simply the result of ideas in my mind, waiting for the right opportunity. I'm not a recorder of what's there, more a collector of my own visual ideal. 


There are so many types of photography yet I don’t feel the need to shoot everything and anything or try every method or style. Knowing what I like to photograph keeps me happy. For me, the priority is the final photo, this translates into composition, simplification, shape, colour, feeling, emotion and light. Whether it’s the challenge of making the mundane and everyday significant through careful composition, filling an empty space with potential interest or capturing soul, dignity and a moment in time and life with portraiture, it's always a gratifying endeavour.



As much as I love taking pictures, I love looking at them. Enjoying other photographers work is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. Through a sort of visual absorption, I’ve been inspired, educated and taught almost everything I now know. Like a lot of photographers, I love cameras and lenses, although I’m not one for talking about them much. The reality is that a great camera doesn’t make great photos; it’s always the person behind the camera that does that. I love film too with its beautiful colours and tones and so for me, it is the perfect photographic medium.